County & historic home librarian Sam Mortlock dies aged 94

We were saddened to receive news of the passing of Sam Mortlock, renowned Norfolk historian and stately home librarian, who has died aged 94.

Mr Mortlock was the County Librarian in Norfolk between 1959 and 1985, having previously completed a tour of duty with the Indian Army.

During his long and illustrious career as County Librarian, he wrote a number of popular books and articles on local churches. He was closely involved in initiatives to catalogue and document historic collections in the County.

He later became librarians at Holkham Hall in North Devon, where he led the work of completing a comprehensive catalogue of their collections.

Mr Mortlock’s career is a reminder of the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to revealing, documenting and sharing the history of our nation’s heritage collections. Our community is the poorer for his passing and we send our condolences and best regards to his family, friends and colleagues.

There is a full obituary for Sam on the Norfolk News website.

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