GIF it up! Breathing new life into heritage collections

Every year, our friends at Europeana run a competition called “GIF it up”, inviting creators to make animated GIFs from the heritage collections made available under open licences by museums, libraries, archives and galleries across Europe.

In this fantastic post, the Europeana team look back at the highlights of the 2021 GIF it up! competition, including a creative take on a famous painting by Rene Magritte as well as some imaginative uses of old book covers (see below).

Anne-Marie Boisvert (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Source material: Our little Quebec cousin
Digital Public Library of America


The competition has a serious message – openly-licensed images from heritage collections can inspire creativity and helps to fuel the creative and cultural industries. GIF it up! is a great way to showcase the vibrancy and relevance of these fantastic digitised collections.

Nisha Alberti (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Source material: Journal des Dames et des Modes (…)
Gaudray d’Anjou | Rijksmuseum via Europeana


Read more about the GIF it Up competition and how you can get involved at

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